WELL.IAM offers personalised coaching services for businesses, community, education and more. We use a range of coaches, formats and tools – all delivered through the visual media of Paul Rangiwahia’s engaging art pieces.

Using art to normalise mental health conversations.

The team at WELL.IAM use Paul’s art works and their wealth of content to get groups talking and start discovering the key challenges, success stories and wisdom that exists in any group. Contact us to organise your personalised coaching and goals.

WELL'er Tools

We normalise mental health conversations, using art and resources that are tactile, interactive and inviting. We encourage people to develop a greater understanding of what they need to do, to feel at their best.

A Spring Clean

A Spring Clean (for the mind) is a tactile, visual tool that declutters the feelings, emotions and conversations in our minds. By “opening your head and throwing it all out on the table”, a Spring Clean helps you articulate the important stuff, set priorities and apply actions to move forward.

The Rocket Ship

Using the Rocket Ship framework, we help teams and individuals identify the things that take them forward in the direction they decide, with their own authentic plan. The Rocket Ship also helps to create a common language that enables people to isolate areas and avoid talking “around’ the important issues.

When things go off course (and they will) or a big decision is required, it helps if you have a plan to refer to. Following a plan also helps to develop healthy habits and a pattern of success.

Piece by Peace

The Piece by Peace framework provides an in-depth guide and reference point to any group or individual wanting to take a holistic "snapshot" of their overall state of being. We break things down  into smaller chunks which allows us to examine individual areas of focus, with the goal of developing greater understanding of what an individual needs to be at their best. If we can help people to get most of their pieces in the right places then there is an increased chance of experiencing "peace of mind".

Resources are only available through curated coaching sessions. D.I.Y packs and “how-to” guides coming soon.

heartfelt feedback

  • “Love the integration of art and mental health messages"
  • “I love his message, who he is and how relatable he is. He speaks from personal experience and always connects back to his family which is great for the children to hear."
  • "Loved his art, his wellbeing approach and that he was a Taranaki local"

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