I AM (so) worth it DECAL 1300mm x 780mm LARGE

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I AM (so) worth it DECAL 1300mm x 780mm LARGE. Ready to apply.

Step 1. Find where you want to place your Decal wall art and ensure the wall surface is free from dust, & grime. DO NOT apply in any wet/steamy areas like bathrooms and walls with flaking paint or wallpaper.

Step 2. Peel off Decal from its backing and apply to wall. You can take off and readjust to get straight or take out air bubbles. MAKE SURE you keep the backing paper. If you shift house or premise you can take your Decal with you by putting it back on the glossy/waxy side and reapplying.

Step 3. You can wash the decal with warm soapy water and you can reapply again and again and again, just follow the above steps.